Nutrition is complex, eating shouldn’t be.

With Westcoast Nutrition, we guarantee: 

  • A way of eating that suits your body, lifestyle and you can keep up for the long haul
  • Expert nutrition advice from a Registered Dietitian
  • Loads of support, accountability, and an occasional kick in the butt

Our services may be right for you if:

Weight Loss and Health

  • You’ve tried diets with some success in the past, but the weight always comes back
  • Consider yourself an emotional eater, and have a love-hate relationship with food
  • Want to lose weight AND keep it off, by finding a lifestyle you can actually live with
  • Have a condition such as PCOS, diabetes, or high cholesterol and want to take a food based approach to lifelong health

Sport and Performance

  • Are training for an event or sport and want to get a performance edge by optimizing nutrition and hydration
  • Want to lose or gain weight to optimize your athletic performance
  • Are training hard but not seeing the results you should be getting
  • Are confused by all the sport supplement and diet advice online and want real answers

Digestive Health

  • Have struggled with digestive issues and need help figuring out where to go next
  • Have been diagnosed with IBS and having a hard time figuring out your triggers
  • Want to reclaim your health and manage symptoms while living with a Crohn’s, IBS, UC or other digestive disorders. 
  • Have gas, bloating or unpredictable digestive symptoms you want to finally get to the bottom of

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