Make Ahead Lunch Salad : Recipe

One of the best habits you can build when it comes to healthy eating is brownbagging your lunch to work or school. Leftovers are a lunch staple in our house, but I’ve also been loving make-ahead lunch salads. You can prep off several at a time in assembly line fashion (much like overnight oats) and they tick all the boxes – simple, filling, yummy.

Is Meat The New Smoking? Why You Should Think Bigger.

So much of this week’s food and nutrition news has been devoted to the media headlines that bacon (and other processed meats, as well as red meat in general) is the new smoking. Or asbestos, depending which news outlet you read regularly. So what does this mean? Is bacon as bad for you as a cigarette? Quick answer is hell no-smoking is a high dose of poison. Meat certainly is not.

Read on for a balanced take on what the science says and how this applies to what you eat.

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