Nutrition science is complex, eating shouldn’t be. 

Food should be a delicious, nourishing, and easy part of our lives. Too often food becomes a source of stress and a daily battle. Our goal is to help you nourish your body, meet your nutrition, weight and lifestyle goals, and simplify the process so you and your family can have a healthy, happy relationship with your food.

Our philosophy is that there is room for all foods in a healthy diet but you will be pushed to do better, to meet your goals and to work through your barriers to a healthy, vital, energetic body.

No one size fits all here! If there was a perfect plan, we’d all be on it. Every body is different and everyone’s barriers and strengths are unique. With that in mind, each client deserves an individualized program to achieve their weight, lifestyle, and nutrition goals.

At Westcoast Nutrition we don’t use “miracle supplements” or other gimmicks. A healthy body can and should be achieved with whole foods and a healthy lifestyle with supplements playing a supporting role. We strive to teach you tools that last a lifetime, and create permanent habit changes so eating well becomes natural.