Get Me Started

3 Sessions

Take that first step towards a new, healthy, more confident you with the Get Me Started package. This package is perfect for you if:

  • You know you can eat better, and just need to be pointed in the right direction
  • You Have a straightforward nutrition challenge that mostly needs education.
    • Common examples are a new diagnosis of high blood sugar/cholesterol, optimizing nutrition for fertility (yay!), or general healthy eating.
  • You already have great planning and food skills, but lack information and clarity on what to eat for your body.
  • You are great at following through on actions and strategies in between sessions.

The Get Me Started program begins with an initial 75-minute one-on-one consultation with Michelle, where she will develop a deeper understanding of your unique goals, needs, struggles, and nutritional requirements. Afterwards, you’ll go home with a clear big picture plan, short term actions to take, and resources like food lists or templates to get you there.  This empowers you with all the tools you’ll need to put yourself on a path towards health and confidence.

To ensure you stay motivated and on-track, the Get Me Started program also includes two bi-weekly follow up session with Michelle, where you’ll be able to discuss your progress and fine-tune the details of your program to keep you marching towards success.

Value: $400