It depends!

We are not covered by provincial health insurance (MSP).

Many extended benefits plans do cover the services of Registered Dietitians. Each plan varies as to:

  • How much they cover per year, and the amount they will cover per nutrition coaching session
  • Whether they cover the full cost of a program including chat access with Michelle and meal planning, or only the cost of the coaching session itself.
  • Whether they cover group programs and services, or only cover one-one-one coaching with a Registered Dietitian

Start by getting your application in here, and in the meantime check with your benefits provider before registering. You’ll want to find out their answers to each of the above so you know what to expect to get reimbursed by them for, and what portion of the program cost is paid out-of-pocket by you. This may affect which program is the best fit for you.

Feel free to email us at with what your benefits provider covers, and our Client Services Assistant will help you with specifics of what your reimbursement will look like.