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Lose weight, keep it off and feel healthy again; all without dieting or missing your favourite foods.
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Most of my clients have burned a ton of money on restrictive diets they can’t stick to and expensive supplements and “fat burners” that end up not working and cluttering up a drawer. They feel worried about going out with friends, guilty when they indulge in their favourite treats and white-knuckle their way through eating well during the week just to lose it and go all out eating on the weekends.
Most feel frustrated that they start off eating so well during the day, just to overeat all the things after dinner thanks to exhaustion, Netflix, hunger and pushy cravings.
Like you, they’re tired of diets that make them feel hungry, restricted, and low energy.
And many struggle with it not being that easy or simple – chronic gut issues, hormones out of whack, emotional eating and crazy busy schedules make figuring out what works for your body harder than it was at 21.

You’re not alone, and it doesn’t have to be so hard! Life is too dang short to spend another 5 years dieting, feeling guilty about food and uncomfortable in your skin. You need to get clarity both on what works for your body now, and the tools to keep eating well in real life no matter how busy or stressful it gets.

That’s where I come in! Figuring out both what your body needs, and providing support, accountability and tools to make it stick is how I help you.

Get ready to feel amazing in your own skin. Part warm hug and part kick-in-the-butt, my approach teaches you take control of the role food plays in your life and build lifelong habits to get you healthy and confident.

Are you ready to change your life?

Fit in to those too snug jeans you bought a few years ago

Feel comfortable taking photos with your family again

Have natural portion control and manage cravings with ease

Get clarity on what to eat and ditch information overwhelm

Stop the exhausting cycle of on and off dieting & build consistent healthy habits

Never worry about what’s for dinner tonight with consistent meal planning

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1

Apply & find your perfect program


Step 2

Learn what works for your body & how to change how you eat

Step 3

Feel healthy, energized and confident in your body!

About Me

Michelle Shepherd

I know how it feels to get derailed by cravings for foods that aren’t healthy, struggle with bloating and digestive pain, and find that eating less and moving more just doesn’t cut it.

I love tacos, wine and eating out so I understand that cutting out all the fun just isn’t sustainable no matter how much you want to look and feel better. Life is too short to not find a healthier balance between nourishing your body and enjoying food.

I have helped 100’s of women and men just like you over the last decade find their healthiest weight, heal their gut and build a happy and positive relationship with food and body.

My background as a Registered Dietitian has given me the expertise in human nutrition and physiology to use modern research and my years of experience as a guide on what really works, and what is just hype. As someone who has struggled myself, I understand that knowing and doing are very different, and how to build real behaviour and mindset change so the results stick with you.

More About Michelle
Registered Dietitian

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How I Can Help

As a Registered Dietitian, my job is to provide you nutrition information and support you can trust. Together we can build you a style of eating that supports your lifestyle, allows you to enjoy food, and helps you meet your goals

Lose Weight with Confidence Group

  • Ready to lose weight in a healthy way, keep it off and feel energized? This 12 week group program is for you! $199/mo.

Lifestyle Kickstart

  • Ditch one size fits all diets for weight, gut and health issues. Personalized nutrition and monthly one to one support with Michelle to get to the root of your health and nutrition challenges. $377/mo

Lifestyle Makeover

  • Want to feel healthy and confident, and ready to thrive with our highest level of support? Personalized nutrition and biweekly sessions for maximum momentum, plus chat support in between sessions to keep you connected and clear. $467/mo

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