Michelle is on a mission to create positive, healthy relationships with food.

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Westcoast Nutrition helps people feel amazing in their own skin. Part warm hug and part kick-in-the-butt, our personalized nutritional services help each and every client take control of the role food plays in their life, building lifelong habits that ensure they are as healthy and happy as they can possibly be.

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About Me

Michelle Shepherd

Like many, Michelle’s earliest memories of food come from her mother. Growing up, Michelle and her mom spent a great deal of time together in the kitchen. It’s where Michelle first learned about the magic of food. The flavors and textures. The way different ingredients come together to form something so much greater than the sum of the parts…

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About Westcoast Nutrition

Food doesn’t have to be the enemy… Yet, so many people feel this way. Everyday stress and busyness, pressure from family, and years of feeling bad about our bodies can develop into a relationship with food that becomes so much more complex than just fuel and mindful pleasure. And it’s here where food becomes an enemy, leaving us with poor habits, emotional eating, and putting our body’s needs last…

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Registered Dietitian

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How I Can Help

As a Registered Dietitian, my job is to provide you nutrition information and support you can trust. Together we can build you a style of eating that supports your lifestyle, allows you to enjoy food, and helps you meet your goals

Lose Weight with Confidence Group

  • Ready to lose weight in a healthy way, keep it off and feel energized? This 12 week group program is for you! $`199/mo

Lifestyle Kickstart

  • More complex challenges like digestive issues or emotional eating? Let’s get to the root of your health & nutrition challenges, and personalize nutrition for your body.

Lifestyle Makeover

  • Want to feel healthy and confident, but know you need support, accountability and a done-for-you Dietitian designed meal plan? Ideal for clients who struggle with complex challenges like digestive issues or emotional eating, and are ready to thrive with our highest level of support.


Listen to what my clients say

I have found Michelle to be an open caring helpful person. She gave me care and consideration to my individual needs. She was very patient working with my medical needs and medications as well. Michelle is encouraging every step of the way. I can always fall back on the information she taught me. I am richer for having gone to see her. I would absolutely recommend her to family and friends!

Gwen B

Before seeing Michelle I was addicted to dieting and food as my primary comforter; now I see me with a more healthy relationship with food. I see how making mindful choices in my eating impacts all areas of my life, from gains in the gym to my relationships.

Almost a year ago I stared working with Michelle, I had gone through a pretty traumatic time the year prior and just needed some guidance on getting back to healthy eating. From the moment I first met Michelle I knew I chose the right person. She has been such a positive person in my life, very encouraging and never makes you feel guilty for having a slip up when your having a rough day! In the beginning I felt extremely lost and uncomfortable in my own skin, as the time went on working with Michelle I started making smarter choices and feeling better, I’m not perfect and still have days where I don’t eat the best, but know tomorrow is always a new day and I can get back on track.
One thing that has always stuck with me is when your having a craving ask yourself if you could eat an apple right now, if the answer is no you aren’t really hungry but if the answer is yes then you are hungry. That still has stuck with me to this day and I find I’m asking myself that question pretty regularly.
Starting with Michelle almost a year ago was one of the best decisions I made for myself. She’s helped me in not only trying to make healthier choices but getting back to living a healthier life! I know if I’m struggling a little or just need a little extra push I know Michelle is only a click or phone call away, and always has great insight and good ideas on how to find a solution to how your feeling or why you may be craving that guilty food that you’re trying so hard to not cave into.
Michelle I just want to say thank you, for helping and encouraging me for the past year, I defiantly made the right decision when I came to see you at the start of 2018, I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!!

Michelle is absolutely great! She worked with my husband and I to develop a healthier lifestyle. She took the time to find what would work for us and was always so encouraging and positive about our progress. Whenever we leave her office we feel so empowered to do well, it’s just a great approach. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to make a change in their life!

Holly S
Michelle taught me to love food again!  In changing the way I think about food and eating, and by giving me practical tools to use when I feel vulnerable to over or under eating, Michelle made it possible for me to eat without fear, guilt, or shame. I now simply enjoy my meals.
Monica A

Working with Michelle has been a real eye opener with regards to my relationship with food. After trying all the fad diets, losing some weight, then putting it back on again (and then some) I decided enough was enough, it was time to get professional help. Michelle has helped me realize that fad diets are not the answer, and neither is perfection. I finally have a sense of control when it comes to my eating habits, and I’m confident that her methods are sustainable long-term. My weight loss progress and management over the past year are proof of the effectiveness of Michelle’s advice.


I have absolutely loved working with Michelle. Not only has she clearly understood my vegan eating choices but she has taken the time to get to know me personally and my relationship with food (both the good and my challenges). Every time we meet we find new ways to support a positive relationship with food that is responsive to what’s going on in my life. Since I started with Michelle, I have always felt that our work together has been unique to me, not a cookie cutter plan in anyway. It has been so refreshing to eat for health and not be pursuing every eating fad/diet going – I was more than ready to get off the diet ‘crazy train’ and Michelle has been helping me break that vicious cycle. To date, the biggest successes I have experienced are a healthier connection to food and my body. I know which foods give me energy and which ones don’t work for me. Michelle has taught me how to fuel my body appropriately which ultimately led to less mindless eating and gradual and consistent weight loss. The biggest development for me has definitely been that I’ve stopped being obsessed with scales and my weight and have a better sense my overall health goals – not diet ones. I am looking forward to continuing on this journey and am incredibly grateful to have found Michelle to help guide me in the right direction.


I would highly recommend Michelle Shepherd at Westcoast Nutrition.

Early in 2019, I was desperate for help with my colitis symptoms. Trying to solve my health issues and food issues on my own was not working. My doctor suggested I see a dietitian, not sure where to start I checked the Dietitians of Canada website and found a listing for a Dietitian in my area… Michelle at Westcoast Nutrition

When I contacted Michelle she did a phone interview first, which I really appreciated and gave me confidence she was experienced in working with clients who have digestive health issues. She explained how the process would start and we next met in her office.
I wanted to try another “Elimination Diet” looking for a quick fix, Michelle explained to me that we needed to nourish my body first. At each session she gave me homework and food suggestions to begin healing. She taught me how food and gut health impact your general health and to monitor my symptoms by keeping a journal.

Unfortunately a family crisis intervened in my health journey, and I had a relapse in my symptoms.
I am happy to say that when I returned to Westcoast Nutrition, Michelle reviewed my health and diet helped me back on to the path of wellness.

Thank you Michelle

Carol R.

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