Michelle is on a mission to create positive, healthy relationships with food.

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Westcoast Nutrition helps people feel amazing in their own skin. Part warm hug and part kick-in-the-butt, our personalized nutritional services help each and every client take control of the role food plays in their life, building lifelong habits that ensure they are as healthy and happy as they can possibly be.

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Working with a Registered Dietitian can optimize your
body for prime functioning in three major areas:

Weight Loss and Health

Have you struggled to lose weight, and more importantly, keep it off?

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Digestive Health

Tummy troubles got you down? Suffering from bloating or heartburn?

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Sport & Performance

Ready to take your performance to the next level?

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About Me

Michelle Shepherd

Like many, Michelle’s earliest memories of food come from her mother. Growing up, Michelle and her mom spent a great deal of time together in the kitchen. It’s where Michelle first learned about the magic of food. The flavors and textures. The way different ingredients come together to form something so much greater than the sum of the parts…

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About Westcoast Nutrition

Food doesn’t have to be the enemy… Yet, so many people feel this way. Everyday stress and busyness, pressure from family, and years of feeling bad about our bodies can develop into a relationship with food that becomes so much more complex than just fuel and mindful pleasure. And it’s here where food becomes an enemy, leaving us with poor habits, emotional eating, and putting our body’s needs last…

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Registered Dietitian

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How I Can Help

As a Registered Dietitian, my job is to provide you nutrition information and support you can trust. Together we can build you a style of eating that supports your lifestyle, allows you to enjoy food, and helps you meet your goals

Lose Weight with Confidence Group

  • Ready to lose weight in a healthy way, keep it off and feel energized? This 12 week group program is for you! $199/mo.

Lifestyle Kickstart

  • More complex challenges like digestive issues or emotional eating? Let’s get to the root of your health & nutrition challenges, and personalize nutrition for your body.

Lifestyle Makeover

  • Want to feel healthy and confident, but know you need support, accountability and a done-for-you Dietitian designed meal plan? Ideal for clients who struggle with complex challenges like digestive issues or emotional eating, and are ready to thrive with our highest level of support.

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What to do if food has been hard lately

This post was originally sent out to our email community in November of 2020 as a new round of shutdowns were happening, but the skills and strategies apply ANY time [...]

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