A Dietitian Designed Flexible & Transformative 4 Week Online course designed to give you the tools to regain confidence and control over emotional eating, cravings, and mindless munching so you can feel peaceful, in control and consistent with food.

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Emotional eater? Comfort cravings? Mindless munching? I’ve got you.

You are DONE with:

  • Having no willpower around sweets, snacks and treats by the end of the day.
  • Good intentions. Eating well ALL day just to get knocked off the rails by the thought of ice cream in the freezer after a chaotic bedtime or the siren song of a giant coffee shop muffin while you’re grabbing that afternoon coffee before sitting down to an overflowing inbox?
  • Feeling defeated and frustrated after working so hard to lose weight, but still being overpowered by sweet cravings (and raiding the chocolate and treat drawer) when the inevitable stress of being a 30+ human with a job, family and full plate hits you hard.
  • White knuckling your way through 6 weeks of a super strict diet, missing out on your favourite wine and night out with the girls just to faceplanting to the first bag of chips that crosses your path because you feel so deprived.
  • Spending 1000’s of dollars on fitness programs, cleanses, supplements and trendy diets just to fall off the wagon when life gets in the way of unsustainable (and joy-sucking) habits and eating plans.

Just call me wish granter.

Conquer Your Cravings had rave reviews from my lovely members, and was paused so we could focus on our other programs. But I really do care about what you need, so I’ve been working non-stop to get this course ready to go for September. All so you can re-write how fall (and the holiday season that I won’t name yet) usually impacts your eating, body and self-control.

You’ll get:

  • 4 weeks of transformative but concise video modules, client-tested strategies and our proven conquer your cravings printable journal sheets.
  • Flexible, self paced, and solo – perfect for the busy professionals and introverts!
  • We start September 15th  – you have a couple weeks to settle in to September routines and then put yourself back on the priority list.

PLUS Bonus savings, time & tools:

Only until August 31st! 

Bonus Savings:

Super limited- so get on this today  The 1st five people to register will save $100!!! That’s 50% of the already sweet launch price. Use codeSAVE100 at checkout.

Our first bonus sold out in less than 24 hrs! The next 10 people can save $50 with SAVE50  – jump on this now! 

Bonus Time: $398 value 

I know you are busy – so you’ll have 6 full months to work through the 4 weeks, revisit the modules and take breaks to work on different strategies. That’s 6 months for the price of 1.


1.Get access to the comprehensive Practice Better Journal for a full year:  $100 value

**Usually reserved for our LWC and 1-1 coaching clients! Upload photos & track your mood, food, and even digestive symptoms so you can tune in to how each strategy works for you.

2. 7 Day Healthy Fall Meal Plan: $99 value

You’ll receive a 7 day, Dietitian Designed meal plan for inspiration and time saving1 Full of meals and snacks to lower hunger hormones, boost energy and help you crush cravings.

These bonuses add up to $597 in value BEFORE the early bird $$ savings – that’s 3x the tools, strategies, expert resources and value for your money. I know its been a hard year for so many and I truly want you to have a chance to thrive with food and self-care.

Willpower doesn’t work on cravings, but this program does.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients re-wire “why” they eat, and am here to give you my tools, strategies and support so you can too. You get over $500 worth of support and my decade+ of expertise, for $100 if you jump on that first 5 bonus.

And if you miss it – you’re still saving $398 and, more importantly, prioritizing your own health and self-care in the busy season you need it most.

I’m here to help you.

I’m here to help you. I get how frustrating it is when you’re eating well and feeling great, just to have stress, busy schedules, and emotional eating knock you off track again. As a Registered Dietitian, and owner of Westcoast Nutrition, this is why I’ve dedicated over a decade to helping hundreds of women and men re-wire “why” they eat, and get to the bottom of what foods and nutrition approach works for their body.  I’m here to give you my tools, strategies and support so you can lose weight, feel good and make it stick too.

“Before seeing Michelle I was addicted to dieting and food as my primary comforter; now I see me with a more healthy relationship with food. I see how making mindful choices in my eating impacts all areas of my life, from gains in the gym to my relationships. “
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