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Westcoast Nutrition Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours? Do you have evening or weekend appointments?2023-02-24T01:01:27+00:00

We have daytime, evening and weekend appointments available to fit your schedule! Our appointment schedule is subject to change, but currently we offer:

Tuesday 2 – 8

Wednesday 11-7

Thursday 1-7

Saturdays 10-2

Do you direct bill Sunlife, Blue Cross or other benefits plans?2023-02-24T01:02:23+00:00

Great question! No, we do not direct bill extended health benefits plans at this time.

As a small team, we have chosen not to take on direct billing to keep our admin costs lower. This allows us to keep costs stable while building in all of the perks and supports that get our clients results like chat access with your Dietitian between appointments and monthly meal plans in our one-on-one coaching programs.

We are 100% set up to provide the detailed receipts you may need to submit to your extended benefits provider for reimbursement.

Can I meet you in person? Do you have virtual appointments?2023-02-24T01:01:54+00:00

All of our programs and appointments are now virtual. We meet with clients through video calls which allows us to connect face to face, explain concepts visually using the whiteboard feature, and share resources during the session.

Our clients love the extra time they get back in their day without having to organize childcare, taking time off work or fighting rush hour to get to the office.

I’m happy to chat through how it works and if virtual is a good fit for you, its important you get the support you need to be successful with food, body and health changes! Apply here and we can discuss what to expect and how other clients have navigated the switch. We can also refer you to a trusted colleague if needed who takes on in-person clients if needed.

Are you covered by my health insurance or private health benefits plan?2023-02-24T01:02:52+00:00

It depends!

We are not covered by provincial health insurance (MSP).

Many extended benefits plans do cover the services of Registered Dietitians. Each plan varies as to:

  • How much they cover per year, and the amount they will cover per nutrition coaching session
  • Whether they cover the full cost of a program including chat access with Michelle and meal planning, or only the cost of the coaching session itself.
  • Whether they cover group programs and services, or only cover one-one-one coaching with a Registered Dietitian

Start by getting your application in here, and in the meantime check with your benefits provider before registering. You’ll want to find out their answers to each of the above so you know what to expect to get reimbursed by them for, and what portion of the program cost is paid out-of-pocket by you. This may affect which program is the best fit for you.

Feel free to email us at info@westcoastnutrition.ca with what your benefits provider covers, and our Client Services Assistant will help you with specifics of what your reimbursement will look like.

Our programs are built for your success, find out what makes our nutrition programs different from other dietitian nutritionists below. 

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