5 Month Lifestyle Kickstart Program

Bimonthly One to One Sessions + Chat support

You deserve to feel healthy, energized, and confident about how you eat. The Lifestyle Makeover is perfect for you if:

  • You have kids, or an intense job, or a full life and other goals that aren’t just your health or weight. You feel like you haven’t had time for YOU in years.
  • Drained and tired. You pour a coffee at 2pm or a glass of wine after dinner, you’re just pooped at the end of the day, and if we’re being honest sometimes you already feel exhausted when you wake up. Making good choices goes out the window, your tired brain craves all the things.
  • You feel like you’ve tried SO many things, you aren’t actually eating too badly, and had little successes but just keep sliding back to where you started – regaining the weight, fighting the bloating, and feeling stuck.
  • You may have more complex health challenges – fatigue, stubborn digestive issues, PCOS, or Diabetes.
  • You thrive with more connection, support and access to your coach.

Imagine four months from now, you were seeing steady progress in how your jeans fit, how much energy you woke up with, and feeling healthy and happy in your own skin. Imagine you felt so good, you felt ready to take on running, yoga, hiking, dance, or the gym again?  By the end of our first 4 months you will be on your way to feeling confident, healthy and clear on what food works for you.

The Lifestyle Makeover Program Includes:

  • 2 Monthly one-on-one nutrition coaching and education sessions with a Registered Dietitian
  • Access for questions, support, ideas and feedback through chat support Monday-Thursdays every week

Most Flexible: $467/month x 4 months

Best Value: $1717