Lifestyle Kickstart

3 Month Lifestyle Kickstart
6 Sessions

The 3-Month Lifestyle Kickstart is a complete reset of your health and nutrition.

Starting off with a 75-minute consultation with Michelle, the 3-Month Lifestyle Kickstart takes a full look at your current habits, needs and goals. From there, the two of you will develop a nutritional program that focuses on reshaping your relationship with food, and developing new, healthy habits. During the consultation, you will also be given Westcoast Nutrition’s collection of “Healthy Kickstart” resources, which will help you outline and define what a healthy life looks like to you.

The 3-Month Lifestyle Kickstart program also includes 5 bi-weekly follow-up consultations, ensuring you stay motivated, accountable, and moving forward to a new, more confident and healthy you!

Value: $800