3 Month Lifestyle Kickstart

6 Sessions

The 3-Month Lifestyle Kickstart is a complete reset of your health and nutrition. This package is perfect for you if:

  • You know you need support and You’ve tried diets before, and still haven’t found something that both works and you can stick to.
    • Clients often have goals of sustainable fat loss, solving digestive issues, or getting back their energy and acknowledge challenges like emotional eating, lack of planning, or history of “falling off” the wagon that keep them stuck. .
  • You’re ready to feel confident about how you eat. No more fad diets or cookie cutter meal plans.
  • You are self directed between sessions and comfortable working on your own for 2-4 weeks between sessions.
    • If regular access to ask questions and accountability are key, you may benefit from our Lifestyle Makeover package.

Starting off with a 75-minute consultation with Michelle, the 3-Month Lifestyle Kickstart takes a full look at your current habits, needs and goals. From there, the two of you will develop a nutritional program that focuses on reshaping your relationship with food, and developing new, healthy habits. During the consultation, you will also be given customized resources on everything from what and how much to eat, recipes for inspiration, and templates for things like meal planning. All of which will help you outline and define what a healthy life looks like to you.

The 3-Month Lifestyle Kickstart program also includes 5 bi-weekly follow-up consultations, ensuring you stay motivated, accountable, and moving forward to a new, more confident and healthy you!

Value: $938