A Dietitian led 12 week group program designed to teach you to lose weight and keep it off without guilt, missing out on favourite foods, or feeling stuck on the diet roller-coaster.

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you might need a low carb diet if

If any of these sounds like you, you don’t need another diet.

You need to get at the root problem of WHY you’re eating and what works for your body. No more cookie cutter programs or internet overwhelm.

  • You miss feeling confident in your clothes and comfortable in your skin.
  • You have no willpower around sweets, snacks or treats by the end of the day.
  • You feel more frustrated and defeated every time you “fall off” your healthy eating plan because cravings or emotional eating hits.
  • You’ve been stuck on the diet rollercoaster for 2, 5, or 10 more years, losing and regaining the same pounds.
  • You have spent hundreds of dollars on cookie cutter diets, shots, supplements and cleanses that just don’t stick.
  • You feel stuck and discouraged as your challenges with body, energy, and health worsen when your lifestyle doesn’t change long term.

Freedom from losing and regaining the same weight, feeling uncomfortable in your skin, and being pulled off track by stress and cravings is possible. You’ll build it in our 12 week program! You can stick to eating in a way that builds confidence, supports your goals and feels sustainable so you can keep the weight off and energy up long term.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to rewire your eating habits and food mindset so you could:

  • Keep weight off and stick to a diet that feels great for you without white-knuckling your way through the day or oodles of willpower
  • Ditch the diet rollercoaster and know you can stick to what works for you
  • Feel confident and in control with food and cravings, even when life is stressful
  • Not stress about parties, travel, date nights, or work lunches knowing you make choices that fit you.
  • Heal your rocky relationship with food and body
  • Enjoy treats guilt free and eat foods you enjoy (really!)
  • Tune in to your body’s cues so hunger and cravings don’t derail you
  • Never stress about finding a new diet or cleanse again

I’m here to help you.

I’m here to help you. I get how frustrating it is when you’re eating well and feeling great, just to have stress, busy schedules, and emotional eating knock you off track again. As a Registered Dietitian, and owner of Westcoast Nutrition, this is why I’ve dedicated over a decade to helping hundreds of women and men re-wire “why” they eat, and get to the bottom of what foods and nutrition approach works for their body.  I’m here to give you my tools, strategies and support so you can lose weight, feel good and make it stick too.

“Before seeing Michelle I was addicted to dieting and food as my primary comforter; now I see me with a more healthy relationship with food. I see how making mindful choices in my eating impacts all areas of my life, from gains in the gym to my relationships. “

Lose Weight with Confidence: What To Expect

12 weeks of client tested content, real life strategies and support. You’ll join a group of women and men ready to lose weight in a healthy way who have the same real life challenges, and desire to build a healthier, happier relationship with food and body.

 $199 per month 

  • Live Zoom Sessions: Facilitated by Westcoast Nutrition founder, Michelle Shepherd. We’ll dive in to a new layer each week to help you understand what to eat, how to get consistent instead of “all or nothing” with food, how to handle cravings or stress eating, adapting meal planning and prep to your lifestyle, and practical real life strategies to rewire those habits. All the calls will be recorded and posted in the group so you never have to miss out.
  • Private Members Only Group Chat: You are not alone. Expect connection, support, and community! We’ll post tips, recipes, questions, and troubleshoot your day to day experience as you work on awareness and weekly strategies. Ask questions and bounce ideas off of the other members for extra support.
  • Weekly Workbook: You’ll be asked to reflect, build awareness, and document your progress so you can see real change in your body, your mindset around food, cravings and stress triggers and more. Expect thoughtful prompts and exercises designed to change how you think and eat for good.

Follow these 3 Steps

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  2. Look for your welcome email once you are enrolled, and fill out your intake form and get the dates on your calendar.
  3. Lose weight, get energized and feel confident from the comfort of your own home!
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