You’re motivated, hard-working, and focused on your mission…

Until 2pm hits and that draggy low energy 2pm slump takes over, along with the siren song of another oat milk chai latte and something sweet from the café downstairs.

I see this all the time in my health-focused, busy 30+ female clients. Here’s what’s going wrong:

1. You skipped breakfast in favour of black coffee and a half-eaten granola bar. 

Not getting 25+ g of protein at breakfast allows your blood sugar to crash and amps up your hunger hormones all day long. Say goodbye to any willpower when those post-lunch sweet cravings hit.

Fix #1:

  •  Swap in a protein bar, egg bites or Greek yogurt for your on-the-go higher protein breakfast

2. Lunch was super light and “clean” 

300 cal salad or quick protein shake in water, I’m looking at you. You’re left short of the essential calories and energy your brain and body need during the most demanding part of your day. The gas tank feels empty, your focus drifts and anything you can scrounge from the pantry seems like a good idea.

Fix #2:

  • Bump up the fats on your salad to add energy-steadying calories with avocado, pumpkin seeds, or feta. Get that same 25+ g protein for an extra boost. (Trade secret – lunch should be at least 25% of your food for the day).


3. Your iron is suboptimal. Even though your doc may have told you it was “normal”. 


Optimal, not just survivable iron stores, are essential for executive function, energy, mood and motivation. The crime? 75% of my female clients have a ferritin below 80, where all of those key ingredients to thriving in your day-to-day start to suffer.

Fix #3:

 Get tested. Ask for a full iron panel, and look for a ferritin above 80. Even better – work with a Registered Dietitian who specializes in women’s health.


You deserve to feel stellar for that post-work Pilates class,

happy hour with your work BFF or trip to the park

with the kids.

Don’t settle for barely making it to bedtime.


Invest a little energy in yourself and commit to just one of these for the next 4 weeks and see how incredible consistent nutrition feels! I promise, you don’t have to go all-in on something strict or complicated to feel AH-mazing in your skin.

How does more time mental bandwidth AND feeling healthy, prepared and on track with food all week sound?

Get my Make Meal Planning Easy Guide Here to stay fuelled and consistent with food so you have the energy and body confidence to spend the weekends refilling your cup – whether that’s curling up with a great book solo, meeting friends for patio drinks or hitting the trails to get your sweat on and nature fix.