Portion control and fat loss after 35 is about hunger hormones, not willpower.

If you feel like you have a healthy base, but are still struggling to lose weight without having to spend all the hours exercising, counting calories or being super strict, you need to look at how to lower appetite naturally and figure out what nutrition works for the body you have now (not that 22 year old one that none of us appreciated at the time).

There are a ton of reasons why hunger and fullness hormones can become dysregulated.

  • menstrual cycle timing
  • medications
  • sleep debt (quantity and quality)
  • stress (emotional and physiologic)
  • exercise
  • age
  • the amount of extra fat mass we have
  • declining estrogen in perimenopause and menopause
  • and most importantly – by what we eat and how we eat it!
Here are 5 simple ways you can dial down hunger hormones and make your body more sensitive to fullness hormones this week – no huge diet, change in personality or extra hours in a day required. I know how busy you are – I am too!

5 Ways To Lower Hunger Hormones For Easier Fat Loss This Week

1. Get More Sleep:

Getting enough sleep is key when it comes to regulating hunger hormones and reducing cravings for unhealthy foods caused by sleep debt or stress. That’s why we include it in my pre-appointment journal with clients -its a key regulator of hunger and metabolic rate!

Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night. We didn’t evolve to spend a 3rd of our lives sleeping without a really good evolutionary reason.

If 7+ hours isn’t doable (new moms, recent promotions and recovering night owls like me) – don’t give up.

Try getting 15 minutes more than you currently do – this is my current mountain to climb. Or catch a mini power nap, even if you don’t fall asleep, for 10-15 in the car between work and picking up groceries and kids on the way home. These mini naps increase the ATP (our cells chemical energy currency) in brain cells lessening the effects of sleep debt on focus, impulse control and hunger temporarily.

2. Get 20-30+ grams of protein at every meal:

Do I sound like a broken record? Getting my women who grew up in the ultra low cal, don’t eat anything diet era to eat their protein is my personal mission. Everything gets easier with fat loss when you do.

It slows digestion, stabilizes blood sugar and dials our fullness hormone up longer – keeping you in control through busy and stressful afternoons so you can get consistent enough with your nutrition to lose weight.

Stock up on flavoured tuna cans, pre-cooked and sliced chicken breast, protein powder, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, lean pepperoni, eggs, or other protein options to make it easier to get on your plate.

3. Get 2+ cups of non-starchy veggies at your meals:

These foods are low in carbs and calories but high in fibre and volume. Both have been proven to naturally reduce appetite and increase satiety in two ways. Fibre slows down digestion, keeping you feeling full longer while providing essential vitamins and minerals. And the low calorie bigger volume they provide triggers stretch receptors in your stomach to release fullness hormones.  My favourite easy veggie option right now is pre-shredded coleslaw with a delicious dressing (so crunchy!).

4. Slooooooow down your eating.

Chewing and time spent eating are some of the triggers for fullness hormones, so give your brain a chance to know you ate so it can pump out the ever-important Leptin to keep you full and dial up impulse control between meals. Ideal is 15+ minutes eating a meal, but if you’ve only got 5 at least turn away from your desk and chew thoroughly in the time you have.

5. Practice mindful eating:

Not all hunger is body hunger. If you find yourself munchy between meals or with frequent cravings, this one’s for you. Paying attention to what you’re eating, savouring each bite, noticing the flavours and textures and minimizing distractions allows you to boost your own dopamine levels – essential for impulse control with food and closing that craving cycle so you’re not fighting the munchies by mid-afternoon.

Gentle reminder – pick ONE to start with. All in is the fastest path to burned out and off track. I’d love to know – which one do you know you need to work on the most? What makes it hard? I really do value your feedback and insight, it’s so helpful.

Still struggling to get enough consistency or clarity to eat well,

lose weight more easily and figure out what nutrition works for

the body you have now? 


I get you. I know that you are motivated to look and feel vibrant and confident again AND you are busy with work, meetings, chauffeur duty, and squeezing in exercise and time with your partner. It’s a lot to keep track of on your own!

That’s why I created high accountability + flexible weight loss programs to help you take control of your hunger hormones and make healthy fat loss easier. You deserve a coach who helps you keep yourself and your health closer to the top of your to-do list. 

Apply here today –  Thanksgiving through NYE is the trickiest season for food, drinks and staying connected to their health goals as the urge to cozy up on chilly nights and stay entertained by snacks and red wine creeps up. And how good would it feel to know you can feel good in your body without giving up all the fun?