Weekends away can be a big hit to healthy eating habits between the treats, time in the car, and the rush to get ready for the week ahead. Let’s make healthy eating easier with simple strategies to keep you from falling off track this summer.

It finally feels like summer has arrived in BC! Now that we’re allowed a little more freedom and the sun has joined us, lots of clients have been enjoying weekends away and then finding themselves totally off track when they get home. Sound familiar? Read on for my top 3 strategies for not letting weekends away knock you off your healthy eating path. All while enjoying the fun stuff of course.

Rework your meal planning date to suit your summer schedule

You know I’m a big fan of a weekly meal planning date that helps build the healthy eating habit (both for weekdays and weekends) and make sure you’re stocked with healthy food you know what to do with every week. But we often do that on the weekend, and when trips interrupt our routine we show up on Monday with no plan, no groceries and our hands hovering over the Screw It button while we dial up some pizza for dinner.

The fix: Consider shifting your meal planning date for the summer OR do a rough plan for two weeks at a time. I’m still working normal hours, so we’re able to just keep an eye on weekend plans and I change the meal planning reminder in my phone to Wednesday or Thursday if I’m going to be away. I also like to have my grocery list ready before I leave, and some staples in the fridge so I can throw something simple and healthy on Sunday night. It helps me feel like I’m getting off on the right foot for the next week and my body needs something lighter after all the extras associated with camping or time with friends.

If you are going away often, consider picking a new day to have your meal planning date. Choose a day early enough in the week to get it done before the craziness of packing and getting out the door.

Drink more fluids

I know, I know. This one seems too simple but staying hydrated keeps your energy up AND keeps your hunger hormones lower which makes good healthy eating choices easier all weekend long. This one is key if you don’t want to be a slave to whatever snacks are on deck, and deal with raging cravings the following week.

  • Pack your refillable water bottle if you’ll have access to plenty of clean water.
  • Throw a flat of water bottles in the car (make sure you work out how many you’ll need for the weekend, I know I feel best on about 3L of water per day) for easy access.
  • Pack some low sugar electrolytes like nuun or biosteel to add in if you are going to be doing outdoor activities for longer than 2 hours (or drinking more adult bevvies than usual).
  • Skip the juices, Gatorades or other heavily sweetened drinks. They’ll drive up your sugar intake which will give you hunger and energy highs and crashes, and all that sweet stuff can drive up cravings for days after. Keep the sweetened stuff to occasional the same way you would at home.

If you need some variety bring some bubbly water to sip on when you feel like something a little different.

Bring the veggies

If you struggle with cravings or digestive issues, this one is key to keep eating healthy over weekends away. Be the person who packs the veggies. This in no way means you shouldn’t enjoy fun foods or snacks while you’re away, just that by keeping your fibre and nutrients up you’ll feel waaaaaay better come Monday morning and be less likely to lose complete control while you’re away.
I like easy, especially if camping or it’s a short trip.

  • Bagged salad mixes (dressing and toppings included).
  • Veggie trays with dip ( I even found some single serve tzatziki at Save-On which is perfect to try and limit cross contamination from double dippers).
  • Easy no-prep veggies like snap peas, cherry tomatoes, and baby carrots that aren’t messy in the car but make great snacks.

Pack more than you think you’ll need. My experience is most the adults will want in on them and they’re often the first to go! Worst that happens is you have some to bring home for the week.

Bonus: Move that body while soaking up all that beautiful BC has to offer.
I know I often FEEL better and so make better choices when I get my body moving. I’m mentally more in tune with my body, and I find my energy and mood stay better for when I get back. Don’t underestimate the power of feeling like you’re still normal healthy you for getting back to routines Monday morning.

  • Sneak in a dip in the lake first thing every morning (my favourite).
  • Find an all ages friendly hike or walk – there are tons of trails all over BC! Find some options in the area you’re going to here.
  • Pack a yoga mat and do some stretches down on the dock or at the campsite if you’ve got space.
  • Bring some active games if you have space. Cornhole, charades, anything that gets your booty out of that chair and body moving.

Exploring BC is a wonderful way to enjoy the summer and I want you to soak it all up! Don’t go in expecting to eat perfectly, but also don’t give up on key routines that make your week easy and your body healthy. Learning to live in the middle takes a bit more planning, but also gives you better results long term.

I’d love to hear where your favourite spot in BC is, we’re still trying to plan something for August. Send me an email with your suggestion!


PS. If summer socializing is what’s making healthy eating hard, here are my top strategies to keep up your nutrition while still enjoying those events. 

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