Is there such a thing as a healthy summer BBQ recipe? There’s nothing wrong with enjoying treats, but they can add up if you have a big family or busy social schedule. Especially as we all work on more outdoor gatherings this summer! In that spirit, here are some delicious ideas to bring to your next BBQ so you have at least one healthy option to enjoy.

Some of the perks of a little healthy planning?
You have something to munch on so you’re less tempted to fill up on chips, appies, or other carb heavy snacky stuff.
Most of your friends are probably trying to be healthier too – you’ll be surprised how quickly these go.

Healthy Summer BBQ Tips

Plan for some lovely lean proteins
  • Chicken satay skewers with a peanut dip
  • Marinated shrimp (local spot prawns are more affordable this year, and they’re delicious!)
  • Lean beef or bison burgers
Have several veggie rich sides or snacks
  • Veggie tray with hummus and tzatziki
  • Fresh watermelon slices
  • Berry skewers with yogurt dip
  • Marinated/pickled beans, asparagus or other veggies to pick at

Delicious Healthy Summer BBQ Recipes

  1. Garlic Grilled Shrimp
  2. Roasted broccoli with miso cashew dip sounds fancy but is super delicious! And grilling instead of roasting broccoli keeps the temp down indoors.
  3. Golden (Turmeric) Hummus has a vibrant colour and fun twist on the usual – serve with a big platter of summer veggies like cucumber, snap peas, and cherry tomatoes.
  4. Honey Lime and Sriracha Chicken Skewers
  5. Try these Greek Lamb burgers with a lettuce wrap or regular bun – whatever works for your body! Homemade burgers tended to be leaner (and more flavourful) than store bought.
  6. Rainbow Veggie Salad is beautiful to look at AND full of sweet and savoury flavours, crunchy textures, just about everything you could want in a big BBQ salad.
  7. Low Carb Tabbouleh is packed with fresh summer flavours and veggies, and even lighter and fresher than the original!
  8. Mediterranean Chopped Salad is a great make ahead option – I find chopped salads stay fresher longer than leafy ones, so are perfect for a healthy summer BBQ. The addition of pepperoncinis and a lemon dressing really brighten this one up.
  9. Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip is a higher protein, lighter and brighter take on a veggie tray favourite!

Here’s to a healthy and delicious BBQ season!

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