I beg you, this year don’t start another “diet” come January. Every year the nation loses and gains the same 10, 20, or 50 pounds. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you NEED to make small changes and build a healthy eating style you actually enjoy. Otherwise that weight will creep back as soon as the initial motivation wears off. This year, try tackling healthy eating in manageable chunks, you might be surprised at just how successful you are! Start with these three hand picked strategies that have had the most bang for the buck with my clients.

1. Rethink your snack habits

We often snack out of habit, when we’re bored or tired, or because it just plain tastes good!

Contrary to popular opinion, snacks can actually slow weight loss by adding extra calories when you don’t really need them. Snack on fresh fruits and veggies when you’re physically hungry between meals, but skip them if they’re just filling time.  Snacks can’t be regular entertainment if your goal is to lean down.

Do find better ways to fill your time or the snacking is likely to creep back. Put on a podcast for a few minutes, try a new music playlist, or get up and take a quick walk.

2. Balance your plate

Getting enough food-based fibre, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants is key to recovery and repair from exercise. Make sure half of each plate is brightly coloured veggies to amp up your nutrient intake, and stabilize energy throughout the day.  You’ll recover more quickly and strengthen your immune system so you don’t have to miss a session.

3. Design your surroundings for success

Ever catch yourself rifling through the snack foods leftover from a party or eating until your stuffed because your eyes were bigger than your stomach? Most research shows that our willpower and control over how much we eat is tenuous at best. Instead of relying on willpower, set up your home to match your nutrition and weight goals.


  • Set fruits, veggies and other healthy foods where you can see them – at the front of the fridge already prepped, in a fruit bowl.
  • Don’t keep foods you can’t say no to in the house. We all have a treat or two who’s call we can’t resist. Keeping it on hand typically leads to either tortured nights of depriving yourself or eventual overeating. Buy it only when you know you can manage the portion (for parties or having friends over for the game), and take leftovers to work so they’re out of reach.
  • Eat off a smaller plate if you frequently find yourself uncomfortably full after dinner. Our eyes have a lot of control over when we feel “full” and a big empty plate just doesn’t cut it for most of us. Research shows you’ll eat less and feel more satisfied when eating off a smaller plate or bowl.

3 ways to lose weight and eat better now

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