I know it seems early, but I want you to think about how you want to feel in January (stick with me here). How do you usually feel when the new year hits? When you reflect on where you’re at with food, lifestyle, health and body? If you cringe at all, or know you often feel low energy, sluggish, bloaty, or fluffier come January, you’re not alone. The fix? Thinking about it, and most importantly taking consistent small actions towards how you want to feel now. Not in December, not next week, but today. You CAN feel healthy come January 1, you just need to commit to small and repeatable changes now.

“But Michelle, I just feel so unmotivated right now.”

I get it! I’ve been struggling with that too. But motivation comes from action and completion, not from some magic wellspring inside. The best way to get out of a slump is to slowly, step by step, walk your way out. Here’s a handy guide to feeling way better come January this year (and a downloadable worksheet here, so you can fill it out with your own answers).

Before you dive in, set a timer for 2-3 minutes and power brainstorm.

How do you want to feel physically? Emotionally? What parts of your lifestyle would be different? 

Then dive into the 4 steps! This should take less than 15-20 minutes, but sit with it as long as you need. The goal is your final 2-3 non-negotiable actions for November and December that are practical, tangible habits or actions you can do. They are not the weight, measurements, digestive symptoms or other outcomes that these actions may contribute to.

  1. Define and Refine Your Goal
  2. Narrow down to 3 (max!) non-negotiable habits
  3. Get clear on practical how-to’s
  4. Build up your accountability.

I think this would be such a fun activity to do with a friend who is trying to better their lifestyle too! Let’s make Healthy January 1st a thing together. If you’re curious what is driving me for examples of how it works, find it here. I know sometimes it helps me to see things in action!

Resources to get you started:

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