It is vacation time for the Westcoast crew!

Emails will be checked periodically, and appointments booked in order of date the request was received. There is still a spot or two left on Saturday September 12th in the afternoon – these get snapped up quick! Email is the quicker route but I will check voicemails periodically as well.

Find services and costs here and contact information here.

I’ll be sharing travel (and food) snaps on my instagram (@MichelleShepherdRD) and twitter (@MichelleShepRD) pages – follow along with my travels there! I’ll be working to balance indulgence (because life is short) with nutritious eats (fibre, vegetables!) in the foodie paradise of New Orleans.

Are you travelling soon? Check out these tips for staying on track while on the road.

What’s in your bag?

Exercise gear (we’re planning on a bike tour, lots of walking and the hotel gym)- got to burn off all the beignets!

Tamari almonds for the flight – salty and crunchy enough to stand in for chips/pretzels with healthy fats, fibre and calcium to help nourish.

Empty water bottle – I fill a big empty travel bottle once I get past security and in to the waiting area. Staying hydrated helps counteract the fatigue and dry skin from recycled air on the flight (with increased air circulation, you get increased evaporation of fluid, so your needs go up a bit).

Granola bars- we’ve got a few healthy ingredient granola bars (KIND and the Simply Protein ones) to help top us up between meals. That way you’re not grabbing the first thing that looks good for a snack when you’re wandering around in a new city or airport.