This post was originally sent out to our email community in November of 2020 as a new round of shutdowns were happening, but the skills and strategies apply ANY time life feels hard and food feels hard.

The consensus from clients the last few weeks, and even my own experience is that we are tired. Life is currently complicated. There is a LOT of heaviness, and change and loss going on. And our eating and care for our physical body has suffered.

Deep breath. It is okay if the last few weeks you have:

  • Ordered food or went out to eat way more
  • Hit the screw it button with the Halloween candy at the end of the day
  • Poured a glass (or few) of wine more often than feels good
  • Struggled to  plan meals, or just make them when you get home
  • Heard the call of carb-y snacks calling you from the kitchen in between zoom meetings
  • Forgotten to drink enough water
  • Had waaaaay too much coffee
  • Scrolled past your bedtime, and had the tired cravings the next day

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you are human. You are not the only one having a hard time keeping all the things together right now. And, you absolutely deserve to get back to what feels good for your physical body. Consider this your loving nudge to take steps to care for yourself in spite of all the craziness around us.

Here’s how to do it. The 4 steps I use to get back on track (and a downloadable worksheet) are here. Don’t discount the importance of small steps forward in helping you get to the end of 2020 feeling the way you want to feel.

Most of us are currently struggling with two key pieces of food, planning/prep and cravings/emotional eating. If you need some extra guidance after going through the worksheet above, here are two resources to help you dive in further.

Don’t stress about perfection or doing your absolute best this week. Just figure out which habit or actions will help get you back on track. And if you’re tempted to wait until tomorrow, next week, or next month to figure this out. Don’t! Restarting and all or nothing approach to food are the top things that hold people back when it comes to eating well over time.

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