(Westcoastnutrition.ca)  The best diet out there is one that fits you, so let’s talk about how you figure out the best diet, and who can help you along the way.

Your Body the Test Lab:

If research is telling us anything (and it is telling us lots) – it is that there is no one perfect diet. I see this mirrored in my clients – some have never felt better than after going vegan, others come to me tired, listless and sick and feel much better after adding back animal products in the right ways. Same goes for paleo- done well there is nothing wrong with it, and some people thrive. Their skin and hair is shiny, they don’t get sick and they naturally reach a healthy weight. Others struggle with energy dips,  constant cravings and poor athletic performance.

If a diet is making your body miserable, you’re either not doing it right (and just need a bit of guidance, no shame in that!) or its not the right style for your personal makeup.

Give every diet a good month (barring any really awful side effects) to see how you feel once it is established. Then listen to what your body is telling you the results are and read on to figure out what to look for on your quest for health.

The Research Assistant: Finding Help 

Your best diet research assistant, who are they? They are the person who can provide you with the science, evidence and knowledge that comes with seeing many people try many different things to help interpret your results. They are your guide, support and once in a while your kick in the butt.

This is where finding a professional who will work with you – your health status, your body, your preferences, your food skills and your schedule – is integral. Don’t get me wrong,  a good professional will challenge you to remove foods, add foods and do better in the quest for energy and vibrant health.  But they’ll do it in a way that takes in to account your individuality – how you respond to the changes, what your body is telling us, how your athletic performance and mood are changing.

Make sure you feel good after sitting down with your health professional – empowered, motivated, excited to keep trying.

So how do you know what the best diet for you is? 

  • Sustainable – you are happy and satiated on the diet.
  • Flexibility – there is room for life changes, birthday cake and the occasional indulgence
  • GREAT energy – few “crashes” or dips when you’re doing well.
  • Improving markers of health – healthy skin, hair, and digestion.

Weight loss is worth nothing if your body is suffering, and research shows us that any diet that you can’t keep up after the weight comes off is not worth your time. There is no weight loss truth that is more overlooked- you need to be able to keep eating the way you’re eating when you lost the weigh to keep it off  long term (whew, what a mouthful!).  I don’t know about you but torturing myself through a god awful diet just to gain the weight back in a year just doesn’t seem like a good payoff.

I wish you luck and health in your quest for your healthiest, happiest self – and if you’re looking for a guide you can check out the services I offer here and here.