(Westcoastnutrition.ca) Do you struggle to pick an eating style and stick with it? You aren’t alone! Most of my clients have at least one of these two major healthy weight saboteurs:

1. An all or nothing mentality

You’re either all perfect all the time, or throwing it all away because you couldn’t keep up with a rigorous eating style or didn’t see results from an extreme cleanse. The truth is most of us can’t follow anything 100% of the time, and trying to do that with food sets you up for failure. There are too many holidays, birthdays, sad moments or food commercials to become a food teetotaler.

2. You eat when you are sad, hungry, stressed or bored

These clients tell me they know what they should be doing but just can’t seem to make it happen. The siren song of drowning your sorrows or tuning out the day with food is too strong. So many of us struggle with emotional eating, yet so few take the time to address it as the real cause of our woes. Just like any other aspect of health, doing anything but addressing the root cause will leave you with a temporary fix. There is no diet cure for emotional eating, you’ve got to do the real work.

How does mindful eating help?

Mindful eating helps bring back the connection between your physical body and food, AND helps you find that healthy, happy relationship with food and your body that will allow you to indulge now and then without losing control. It really is the key to long term health and weight management.

Craving Change ™ is a program we run that uses mindful eating tools and cognitive behaviour change theory to help break the links that drive emotional eating. If you think you need a bit more help, email us to sign up. There is a new session running in January and I would be thrilled to see you there.

So join in! Read more about how I use mindful eating  and how to get started on your 21 day mindful eating challenge in my post for Healthcastle Fraser Valley here.

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