Why should you add some high protein breakfast ideas to your meal plan? Because hunger hormones can make or break your fat loss or gut health journey! If you don’t eat to satisfy these guys, you won’t be able to keep up the changes long enough to lose weight AND keep it off long term. And isn’t that the goal, no more ups and downs with dieting, the scale or how you feel in those jeans? Getting a high protein meal in early in the day is key! Here are some delicious ways to make that happen.

#1 Way to Lower Hunger Hormones All Day

Getting a balanced breakfast – even if that is at 10am or 11am – is key to lowering hunger hormones and cravings all day long, which sets you up for success when that 2pm slump or 8pm snacky witching hour comes along. Here are fresh ideas to keep breakfast healthy, nourishing and delicious.

Each of these breakfasts has 20 g of protein or more per serving, or I’ve included my usual modifications to make sure they get there! This is the magic number we want to get above to lower hunger hormones all day long.

High Protein Breakfast Ideas


Plant based southwest tofu scramble: This is straightforward, reheatable (so make a few days worth ) and easy to squeeze in veggies too! Use a full 12 oz package of tofu (350 g) instead of 8oz here to get up over that 20 g mark.

Thick and fluffy high protein oatmeal: (egg white version): easily made dairy free and no protein powder taste! I use 1/3 cup egg whites + 2 tbsp hemp hearts to get this up to 20+ g

Sweet potato, turkey sausage and egg bake: 24 g protein per serving, easy to find ingredients and makes for a perfect weekend breakfast prep! I love to reheat these kinds of bakes, frittatas or egg bites in the air fryer if you have one.

Grain free berry crisp + Greek Yogurt: this recipe needs a topper to make it high protein, but it’s got lots of fibre and metabolism friendly anti-oxidants, and is cozy and preppable to boot. For my sweet tooth people! Add ¾ cup of plain Greek yogurt or cottage cheese to get that 20+g protein.

Quick Easy Keto Breakfast Casserole: this recipe is full of flavour, plant foods, and protein and boasts 24 g of protein (and only 4 g carbs) per serving. Substitute turkey or chicken sausage to lighten it up a touch and boost protein even more!

Mediterranean breakfast frittata: you know I love frittatas because they’re so flavourful, and you can make them once and have breakfast for days. They’re a staple in my weekly plan! For this recipe, split it into 4 servings (instead of 8) to have enough calories, protein and plants to keep you energized and satisfied.

Chicken-apple-sausage-sweet potato hash: easy to prep, so cozy and filling. This is a great egg free option if you don’t love them or just need a break! Cut this recipe into 4 servings instead of 5.

Plant based Avocado Toast + Roasted Chickpeas: Not a recipe, but a favourite of some of my plant based clients.

  • 1 piece of lower carb bread (Carbonaut, Little Big Bread)
  • ½ avocado
  • ½ cup roasted chickpeas (I love these ones from Three Farmers)
  • 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds
  • + spice of choice (tajin or the ranch seasoning from Trader Joe’s are both delicious here – as is lime juice, salt/pepper/chili flakes)

Thank you to one of our lovely email community members for suggesting this recipe roundup! I would love to know – what meals, nutrients (fibre, protein, vitamin C etc) or foods do you need ideas for? I really love hearing where you’re at.

How does more time mental bandwidth AND feeling healthy, prepared and on track with food all week sound?

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