Do certain foods cause you to gain weight or make it hard to lose? Let’s dig into the truth around this much debated topic – starting with milk and dairy affecting weight loss!

A lot of new clients come to me wondering if they should do an elimination diet or cut out dairy, wheat, or other foods to help lose weight. Often these clients are stuck despite having a healthy base, and feeling frustrated. Can you relate?

Overall, milk and dairy products have taken a lot of heat for just about every illness under the sun and been scapegoated for inflammation, gut issues, weight gain, and more. But the research shows a very different story! It’s important to remember here that although every body has so many similarities, our individual gut and immune systems may respond differently than someone else’s (or what the research consensus suggests) which is why I’ve included some notes on why you might be noticing skin, gut, or weight issues with these foods despite the positive body of research – make sure you watch through to the end!


There are good reasons fat loss might be harder for you – here is one of the top ones I see in my clients.

If you get overwhelmed with what to focus on for healthy and sustainable weight loss, you’re not alone! There’s SO many opinions, a million foods that might kill you (according to tiktok), and every internet research rabbit hole you go down just leaves you more confused. This is one of the top reasons clients reach out for help, and why I love the group setting – you get so much support to stay focused on the right path for your body. In my 12 week healthy fat loss program you get:

  • A clear roadmap of what to focus on to lose weight and keep it off
  • 24/7 access to ask questions and get support in the private Facebook group
  • Live coaching with weekly zoom calls
  • Individual coaching and feedback to personalize your plan every other week
  • Treats! This isn’t a restrictive, short term, fad diet approach. We’ll make space for foods you love and teach you how to control yourself around them.

I’d love to help you get focused so you can see more consistent results and feel confident in your skin. All without cutting out all your favourite foods or only ordering salad for the rest of your life! . Apply here and let’s get you started.


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