Why should you even worry about a high protein snack?

Getting enough protein is essential if you are trying to lose weight and keep it off, get hungry all the time, or struggle with cravings in the afternoon and evening. Protein protects muscle mass and metabolic rate, and lowers hunger hormones all day long so your impulse control doesn’t tank by the time you’re done work.

Next week we’ll talk about if, when, and how much you should snack for healthy fat loss, my answer might surprise you!

5 Healthy and Quick High Protein Snack Ideas

1 – Turkey roll ups 
  • 2 roll ups pack in 16 g protein in only 100 calories, they’re a great low carb and savoury option for road trips, a quick bite between zoom meetings, or to munch on in the car while you’re on kid-chauffeur duty all weekend.
  • 1 Roll up: Lay 2 slices of turkey, 1 pickle or cucumber spear, and I like a teaspoon of tzatziki or Greek yogurt mixed with Everything Bagel spice to hold it all together. 
2 – High protein Greek yogurt or cottage cheese dip
  • Where are my sauce lovers at? If, like me, you live for a dip or sauce, this is a perfect munchable snack.
  • Savoury option for veggies + a few crackers – Herbed Cottage Cheese Dip (its smooth and creamy, not lumpy like plain cottage cheese)
3 – Mini Tuna Cans (I love spicy thai chili) + cucumber rounds or high fibre crackers
  • These squeeze in 15 g of protein in about 160 cals, and are full of anti-inflammatory EPA and DHA, 50 micrograms of blood sugar balancing Selenium, and are a great source of energy boosting B12.

Plant based protein snacks:

4 – Roasted Chickpeas or Roasted Fava Beans on avo rice cakes or cucumber rounds
  • I like these as a straight up snack for plant based clients, sprinkled on a salad in place of croutons to boost protein, or sprinkled on top of cucumber rounds or a rice cake with ¼ avocado for a healthy, high fibre AND protein snack. Plus, with flavours like dill pickle and zesty cheddar, these are seriously satisfying for a salty snack craving.
  • Each ½ cup contains 10 g protein (13 g for the fava beans) in ~ 190 cals. Like most plant proteins, they do pack some carbs (30g or so) so keep the rest of your snack a bit lower in carbs to balance it out.
5 – Edamame with your favourite spice mix
  • Look for edamame still in the shell, especially if you’re a volume eater, or tend to snack too quickly! They take more time to munch on which helps with fullness and cravings.
  • Two cups of shell-on edamame like the picture below (about a cereal bowl size) is 10 g protein and only 90 cals!
Stay tuned for who should be snacking, and when – both for fat loss and gut health! My answer isn’t what you think – research has changed, and there’s a lot I have to share with you to help you find the right answer for your body and goals.I’d love to know – what are you struggling with right now when it comes to food, healthy weight or your gut? What nutrition topics are confusing?  I’d love to help you find the right recipes and resources, email me here and let me know. I really do love hearing from you!

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