Are some sugars really healthier for you? Today’s video was inspired by a friend who posted a “no sugar” brownie recipe (sounds too good to be true, right?) that got me thinking this is such a common question and clouded by so much internet misinformation.

Why sugar matters

  • If you’re struggling with hormonal issues that might need you to watch your sugar like PCOS
  • Digestive issues where we’re working on rebalancing your gut bacteria, bad bacteria generally prefer sugar to starches and fibres
  • Prediabetic or insulin resistant which we usually first catch as sluggish weight loss and frequent hunger
  • Long term health! Lower sugar intakes have been linked to reduced risk of many cancers (breast and colorectal included), Type 2 Diabetes, Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, overall longevity, and heart disease. These are things I’d love to do my best to avoid so I can enjoy the HECK out of my golden years. How about you?


I’d love to hear what questions or struggles you have with added sugars! Email me here and let me know, it’s so helpful to have input to build our content on each week. Curious about what a Dietitian thinks about carbs and weight loss / health?  More mythbusting here. 

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