Do you have to cut out all the fun, or can you lose weight AND drink wine? Whether you prefer wine, beer, bubbles, or whiskey sours,  I’ve got all the ways alcohol impacts fat loss, because knowledge is power, and how to find the balance between enjoyment and fat loss so you can see the results you want in your body, energy and health.

Remember, what gets the weight off is what keeps the weight off so finding your sustainable approach is key.

One of the hallmarks of any good fat loss program is a focus on sustainability. It might not be sexy, but what you to do lose the weight is what you’ll need to keep doing forever to keep it off and maintain the energy boost, gut health or feel-good-in-your-photos energy that came with it.

That’s why I make intentional space for your favourite treats in my 12 week healthy fat loss program! After over a decade and 100’s of clients, I know that cutting something out for 30 days will feel good now but lead you to rubber band right back to where you started a few months ago. We plan for treats and teach you how to control yourself naturally around foods (or drinks) that you love so you can have that balance too – enjoyment, ease and a body you feel comfortable in.

I’d love to connect and see if my programs are a good fit for you – apply here and we’ll get you on the way to weight loss you can actually keep off this time.


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